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Turn your quiet hours and venues in maximum profit

Sensual Dance Fit is looking for facilities to rent to help you transform quiet evening hours and venue space into a source of revenue! The first step? See if it is suitable

received proposals
Facilities rented
is the additional income generated by facility owners who have partnered with us

It's easier than you think

  • Fill the form and list your facility for rent by simply providing square footage, presence of mirrors and location
  • We will get back to you within 48 hours
  • Rented!  If everything meets the requirements we are ready to rent year-round your facility
It's that simple!

There are only 3 minimum requirements

  • A dance studio of minimum 100sqm
  • A Mirror wall (or the possibility to add portable ones)
  • At least 4 hours available for rental during the evening (18 to 22) from Monday to Thursday

This opportunity is dedicated to

facilities measuring at least 100 sqm available for rent to accommodate dance classes, and who can offer at least 4 hours of availability during the evening (18:00 to 22:00) from Monday to Thursday
Is a fit:
  • Dance studios
  • ​Fitness centres
  • ​Leisure centres
  • ​​School Halls
  • ​​Warehouses
Is not a fit:
  • The facilities previously listed with less than 100 square meters and with availability less than 4 hours during the evening (18:00 to 22:00) from Monday to Thursday

Benefits for you

Stable Revenue Stream
You secure a stable and consistent source of income year-round, amounting to approximately 180 to 240 hours annually.
Cross-Promotion e return business
We attract a new clientele to your facility, which can lead to cross-interest in other services you offer.
Increased Visibility
We have a robust social media presence and engage in advertising campaigns. Your facility will benefit from enhanced visibility and recognition.
Diversified Offerings
Hosting a program like Sensual Dance Fit can diversify the facility's offerings, making it more appealing to a wider range of clients.

Rent your facility to the "revolutionary dance program of the next 10 years" and maximise your earnings

From the brainchild of Carolyn Smith, International Dance Coach and Jury President of the program Strictly Come Dancing Italy:

Meet Sensual Dance Fit, the first women-only program born to help women rediscover their femininity and sensuality through simple dance steps and fitness exercises.

Proudly trusted by 200+ dance teachers across Europe.
The most beloved women-only dance program by italian
the women we transformed
our locations in several Countries
the degree of satisfaction of our women

Watch the video that shows how it all started:

Much more than just a dance class because their transformation (and yours!) will have a huge impact on all of your lives... and this will bring a huge change to your professional and personal life.
A real revival (that you deserve...)!

this is how it works:

Groups of 15 women
The perfect match between a private class and a well-fed class of participants
20 lessons twice a week
Once the students have completed the first term of lessons, they will be able to continue with the following ones, and believe us... they won't give up on us for anything in the world!
At least a 100msq ballroom with a wall of mirrors
To allow women to comfortably perform the choreography at the chair and look at themselves in the mirror

Want a sneak peek of one of our classes?

SENSUAL: Because firstly you and your ladies as women deserve to maintain your femininity, coordination, and grace, that which belongs to every woman!

DANCE: Because sensual movements are part of the world of dance, and through dance your ladies will be able to rediscover, simultaneously, the grace and strength within themselves!

FIT: Because we have prepared specific exercises to tone the body so that your ladies will feel even more beautiful and confident!

Frequently asked questions

What is Sensual Dance Fit? 
Sensual Dance Fit is the first women-only program designed to help women rediscover their sensuality and femininity through simple dance steps and fitness movements. And we are looking for facilities to rent in all UK
What are your requirements?
Our program is designed for a facility of at least 100 sqm with mirrors and requires a minimum of 4 hours of availability in the evening (18:00 to 22:00) from Monday to Thursday.
How to do I list my facility?
List your facility by simply clicking the below button and filling out the form. Provide the size of your facility, the presence of mirrors and of course your location. We will get back to you in 48 hours and if everything meets the requirements we are ready to rent year-round your facility.
The first women-only program designed to help women rediscover their femininity and sensuality through simple dance movements and fitness exercises
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